Mario Fior


Photo by Karin D'Alessandro

About Me

Landscapes have a landscape within us. Therefore, if I imagine them, I create them; if I create them, they exist: if they exist, I can see them.

On these words by Fernando Pessoa is based my way of interpreting contemporary art. For some years, in fact, I have dedicated myself to revisiting my photographs transforming them into images that can express the sensation experienced during the shooting or, sometimes, during post-production.

Although the research led me to explore various areas of photography such as landscapes or architecture, nature in the general or photographic story of a metropolis, the thought of Pessoa always remains the inspiring principle.

Exhibitions, publications and awards

Title Year Place Notes
Immagina Immagini 2012 Brandizzo Sponsored by the Municipality
In poche parole 2014 Brandizzo Sponsored by the Municipality
In poche parole 2015 San Maurizio Canavese Villa Marchini Ramello
Lisbona perspectives 2019 Torino Art Gallery 37
Title Year Place Notes
Art Photography and digital art 2016 Udine Art Time Gallery
Biennial of the nations 2018 Venice Scuola grande della Misericordia
Contemporary Masters 2018 Treviso Ca' Carraresi
Van Gogh International Prize 2018 Monreale (PA) Giuseppe Sciortino art Gallery
First International art Prize 2018 Palermo Teatro Biondo
National art exhibition 2018 Torino Art Gallery 37
I Trust you/mi fido di te 2018 Palermo EA Gallery
Masters today 2018 Rome Palazzo Velli
Poetics of contemporary art 2018 Torino Art Gallery 37
Arte in Villa - Venetian Villas Biennial 2019 Ponzano Veneto (TV) Relais Monaco
International biennial of the city of Lecce 2019 Lecce La Chimera Metropolitan art Gallery
Chi essere 2019 Barletta Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation
International Prize of Contemporary art 2019 Torino Art Gallery 37
I grandi dell’arte 2019 Palermo EA Gallery
Divine creature 2020 Benevagienna Palazzo Luserna di Rorà
New York City International prize 2020 New York White Space gallery Chelsea
Title Year ISBN Notes
San Benedetto Belbo - Images from a territory 2009 sponsored by the Municipality
Archivio delle grafiche di Vittorio Sgarbi 2018 ISBN 978-88-941280-3-1 Collection for a future museum of Contemporary art
99 protagonisti dell'arte 2018 ISBN 978-88-941280-5-5 by Sandro Serradifalco
Maestri oggi 2018 ISBN 978-88-943970-0-0 by Leonarda Zappulla
Title Year Notes
Artists in the Vittorio Sgarbi collection 2018 Collection of drawings and prints by Vittorio Sgarbi
Artist of the year 2019 2018 Effetto arte editor
Insertion in the Historical archive of the fine arts 2018 Maison d'art Padova
New York city Prize 2019 La Chimera Metropolitan art Gallery
New York City Prize Red 2020 La Chimera arte contemporanea

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